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Important warning: You can install XPowder12 and XPowder programs on the same computer, even one of them, or both, are not registered. If you are currently an XPowder user, you can share both installed databases  and old sample files. The new program requires a different registration code of XPowder. You can continue downloading and using the old program indefinitely, but we will not provide new licenses or upgrades of XPowder. In any case, the support service is maintained indefinitely for both programs. The new XPowder12 program includes all the features of XPowder, in addition to new applications.

Qualitative Search-Match
Based on ICDD-PDF2 and/or  AMCSD , and/or P2D2 (Predicted Powder Diffraction Database) and/or custimezed databases.  Recognized sub files are :


 · Inorganics

 · Super conducting materials

 · Organics

 · Cements

 · Minerals

 · Corrosive materials

 · Metal and allows

 · Polymers

 · Common phases

 · Detergents

 · NBS (National Bureau Standars)

 · Pigments

 · Forensic

 · Pharmaceutical

 · Educational


 · Zeolites

 · Ceramics

 · Explosives

 · Deleted patterns

AMCSD (minerals)

 · Room P and T

 · High temperature

 · High pressure


Linear and no-linear Least Square analysis (crystalline and amorphous) using the full pattern profile and experimental standard diffractograms,  PDF2, AMCSD or customized database cards).

Complementary analysis
Boolean searching, chemical restraints, automated unit-cell refinement, space group, systematic hkl extinctions, efficient background subtraction and advanced K
α2 and Kb stripping, polynomial spline data interpolation, Fourier and functional filtering, FWHM, integrated width, asymmetry, crystal size and strain (Williamson-Hall, Warren-Averbach and Log-Normal distribution). Fitting profiles: Gaussian, Cauchy, Pearson VII and Pseudo-voigt functions.

Graphic capability
Includes recording in BMP image files, high quality HPGL files, copies to the clipboard and impression of up to fifty diagrams simultaneously. Thermodiffraction and mapping. XPowder-12 can generate reports on Adobe PDF format.

The XPowder 12 PLUS version also allows to full duplex control of PW1710/00 and PW3710 diffractometers.

TERRA: Portable X-Ray  Rock and Mineral Analizer

TERRA is the first truly portable Fluorescence and  Powder XRD system designed specifically for rock and mineral analysis.
Main specifications:
Weight: 14.5 kg with 4 batteries
Size: 48 x 40 x 20 cm (18.9 x 15.7 x 7.9 in)
X-ray tube power (Co): 10W up to 35W with Cu target
Field autonomy: ~ 4hrs can be expanded by hot-swapping batteries
Power consumption: 85-90W during analysis

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